Sweat the Small Stuff: How Forgetting Sentimental Value Can Ruin Good Wills
It's so easy to forget the small, sentimental items in our wills, but if we omit them in our last will we set the stage for family feuds over them when we pass.
Before Writing Charities into Your Will, Check How They Spend Your Money
While there are excellent charities out there, some are only in it for the money. Before putting a charity in your will, find out how they spend your money.
4 Real Estate Pitfalls for Retirees… And How to Navigate Them
Retirement can be the best years of your life, but it requires smart financial decisions, especially on retirees' largest asset: real estate.
How Is a Living Will Different from a Living Trust?
A living trust and a living will may sound similar, but they serve completely different purposes, for health and estate planning.
Taxes vs. Retirement: Extend Your Nest Egg by Escaping High Taxes
Retirees need to stretch every dollar, and high taxes will deplete their nest egg much faster. Here are some thoughts on escaping high taxes.
7 Common Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid
Estate planning can be tricky, so here are common estate planning mistakes to avoid when drafting your will, living trust or other forms.
Everything You Need to Know About the Probate Process
Probate is the legal process of resolving a deceased person's last will and estate, and can be expensive and lengthy without a complete will.
Intestate: How Dying without a Will Creates a Family Legal Nightmare
Dying intestate creates a tangled legal mess for your surviving family, which can take years in probate court to resolve.
How Is a Medical Power of Attorney Different from a Living Will (Health Directive)?
A living will (AKA advance directive) is related, but very different from a medical power of attorney; here are the differences between the two legal forms.
Glossary of Estate Planning Terms, from Probate to Power of Attorney
Not sure what an estate planning term means? This quick glossary offers definitions and explanations in plain English.
The Pre-Retirement Checklist: 10 Tips Before Making the Retirement Leap
Thinking about retiring? Not quite so fast. Consider these ten tips before making the retirement leap; it might save you money and headaches.
Why Americans Need More Retirement Savings than They Think
Americans are dangerously underinvested for retirement, even as baby boomers start retiring en masse and Social Security looks less solvent.
Estate Taxes: A Beginner's Guide to Minimizing Tax Burden
Estate taxes are complex, but there are several ways you can minimize your family's tax burden, or even escape death taxes altogether.
How Is a Living Trust Different from a Last Will?
Everyone should have a last will... except those who should have a living trust instead. Here are how living trusts differ from last wills.
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