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How much does ezEstatePlanner cost?
How do free accounts work? Will I ever be charged?
Free accounts are (shockingly) free forever. You can print any of our free documents, store information and executed documents in your Estate Vault and share them, and you can purchase access to other documents at any time.
Will I lose my data if my premium access expires?
No, your saved information and forms will remain saved to your account, even after your 90 day access expires. You will no longer be able to edit documents or create new printable documents in that category without renewing, however.
Will I ever be automatically charged?
Never. We don’t do recurring or automatic billing.
Are there any guarantees?
Yes, we offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll refund your purchase.
Can I save my documents and come back later?
Yes, you can create and save documents to an account, and they’ll be there waiting for you the next time you log in, from any computer.
How does the Estate Vault work? What’s a Keeper?
We have a whole page devoted to the Estate Vault, but the short version is you can save executed documents (e.g. last will, living trust, living will, etc) to your Vault, and share emergency access with “Keepers”. You can share different documents and information with different Keepers, and you can be notified if any of them access any of your saved information.
You don’t have to share access with anyone if you prefer, and simply use your Estate Vault as a secure lockbox to store all of your critical documents in one place.
If I share access to specific information in the Vault, will I know if others view it?
Yes, you can select to be notified by email if any Keeper accesses any of your shared information or documents.
How private and secure is this website? Who has access to it?
We use the most advanced secure SSL encoding available, and pay to have the site rigorously tested every day by SiteLock, an expert in digital security (view today’s security report here). Our sister website, ezLandlordForms, uses the same advanced technology and has never been compromised in any way, since its launch in 2006.
Your Estate Vault is private, and access to it is granted by you alone. You can share access to specific documents or information with anyone you like (we call people with shared access Keepers). You will specify security questions to verify their identity, and they will require a uniquely encoded link that will be sent to their email address.
Can I change or delete Keepers?
Yes, for any document in your Vault, at any time.
How are Keepers notified that they are Keepers?
Keepers are emailed a uniquely encoded link specific to them. When and if they go to access shared documents or information, they must first correctly answer the security questions that you set for them.
You can elect to be notified by email when and if any Keepers access your shared documents or information.
What if one of my Keepers changes their email address?
You can edit their email address in your Vault at any time.
Why can’t I create multiple wills on the same account?
Each account is unique to one individual, and each individual can only have one legally-binding last will document at any given time.
My spouse & I share the same email address; can we both create an account?
No, you’ll each need your own unique email address, as you’ll each have your own unique account on ezEstatePlanner.
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