Texas Durable Power of Attorney (Financial)

Last Updated: 7/1/2015

Document Description

When one thinks of Texas, the word big comes to mind. It is the second largest state in the United States. Texas has become a popular place for retirees due to the many choices and offerings from golf course communities or small towns on the gulf.

Retirement and estate planning go hand in hand to make lives easier for the retiree and their family and friends. This does not mean that one should wait until retirement to put a plan in place. The best-case scenario is to have your estate organized well before your retirement time.

Good, solid power of attorney acts as your stand-in when you are unable to make decisions yourself, or if you would like someone to handle certain tasks on your behalf. For instance, if you want to travel for an extensive time and have business to handle, you can designate your son, or a trusted individual to handle all or some of your financial affairs.

No-one wants to think what would happen if something were to happen to them. So often, that thought enters too late leaving spouses, family and friends in a lurch looking for answers on how to manage. Creating a blueprint, including a living will or advance health care directive, power of attorney and/or health care and a good last will or living trust can save everyone much aggravation.

Using Ez Estate Planner is a step in the right direction for creating and assembling these documents in one place. Furthermore, no looking through boxes, ripping through drawers because you have the personal vault at hand provided as a free feature of Ez Estate Planner. Your documents are created, then signed and after that simply upload to your private vault where you can have access all the time and anytime there is an Internet connection.

The Texas Durable Financial Power of Attorney is an important document to have to shift duties or obligations to someone you trust. Pick and choose just how much responsibility you want to provide and exactly whom should carry them out. It is all up to your design because this form is completely tailored by you and for your behalf.

  • TX Assist:
    The Texas durable financial power of attorney is used for powers handed to another person for monetary reasons that are pretty broad. This particular financial document allows even for it’s financial use even if the principal should not be in a position to make decisions for themselves. Momre more information regarding the laws, see the ESTATES CODE/TITLE 2. Estates of Decedents; Durable Powers of Attorney, Subtitle P. Durable Powers of Attorney section of Texas law.

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