Idaho Durable Power of Attorney (Financial)

Last Updated: 5/19/2015

Document Description

If you work hard to make money, you should work hard to protect and manage it. The Idaho Financial Power of Attorney allows you to set a specific person to manage and supervise your finances when you no longer are capable of doing so. In the unfortunate case that you become injured or ill, the financial power of attorney will secure what you want to do with your money.

After taking time and thoroughly thinking through whom you would like to act as your financial power of attorney, you may state it in this document. The Idaho Durable power of attorney (financial) will allow you to list and explain the responsibilities this specific person will carry out while you are incapacitated. You will have two choices for when your agent’s powers become effective, which can be immediate, or when you are declared incompetent. If your first agent is not available, you have the option to input a backup agent to carry out the powers set forth in this document.

Choosing your agent’s powers may be the most crucial part of this Idaho Financial Power of Attorney. The powers range from appropriately handling banking funds, to the proper disbursement of funds to pay for any medical bills. It also includes the action to carry out the tasks that have to do with taxes, investments, the handing out of gifts, and more. This job is very critical, and it is important to choose someone you trust to take on this role with an immense amount of responsibility.

After checking off the responsibilities of the Agent, you can incorporate any additional instructions that were not already included in the form. After filling out the form you can upload it right into your ezEstatePlanner Vault for safekeeping. You can come back whenever you would like to make changes or add new forms.

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