Kansas Durable Power of Attorney (Financial)

Last Updated: 5/19/2015

Document Description

Creating your customized Kansas Durable Financial Power of Attorney is a simple procedure using ezEstatePlanner’s document builder. This document gives authority to an agent of your choosing during a specific time period. It is a good idea to have some pertinent information available when you are ready to complete your POA (Power of Attorney).

First, it is wise to take time and make sure that you are choosing a wise, and trustworthy individual to be your agent or attorney-in-fact as it is often referred. Secondly, you want to make a list of items and powers you would like your agent to assist you with. Third, you want to decide, whether you want this power to take effect when something happens that leaves you unable to handle your own affairs or whether you want the powers to take effect as soon as the document is signed.

Once the planning and decisions are made, create the ezEstatePlanner’s Kansas Durable Financial Power of Attorney, and have it executed. Having the proper signatures is of the utmost importance! In Kansas, the POA MUST be notarized.

The final step is to be sure that you place the document in a safe place and notifying your agent of its location. The ezEstatePlanner Vault is a great place to upload a copy of your document, and you can share it with specifically the person who needs to have access such as your agent or attorney-in-fact.

Many people believe there is no need for this type of planning. There are stories after stories or nightmares, if you will, of family members lost in a pile of unanswered questions and decisions that are to be made but with no concise plan on what to do. A Power of Attorney document can make way and squash any of this confusion. Who shall handle paying your bills should you become incapacitated? What will happen to your investments? These are only a few questions that can be answered provided the planning, and a high-quality document such as the ezestateplanner's Power of Attorney is put into action. As quoted by General Patton: “A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow." Wouldn’t you rather be ready?

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