Nebraska Durable Power of Attorney (Financial)

Last Updated: 6/19/2015

Document Description

If you’ve done any estate planning (and hopefully by now you’ve realized how simple the forms on ezEstatePlanner are), you’ve probably taken the first step and created a will. After all, you realize the importance of determining how your assets will be managed after you’re gone. You’ve maybe even taken a second step and thought about how your future health care decisions will be made, because you also know how important, it is to have created a plan for your medical care. But what if, in the middle of a healthcare crisis or other catastrophic event, you need someone to manage your assets right then, not later? That scenario is why having a durable financial power of attorney is a crucial third step in the estate planning process.

Our Nebraska Financial Durable Power of Attorney allows you, the principal, to name someone to look after your finances in case you are unable to do so. In Nebraska, that person is known as the agent. Appointing an agent doesn’t mean you no longer have control over your finances, it simply allows someone else to share the burden or to take over if needed. Having this document can save you from a possible conservatorship, a sometimes complicated process in which the courts appoint someone to make decisions for you.

With this document, you’ll be able to name your agent (or agents) as well as the specific financial areas in which your agent will have authority. This can include banking, insurance, government benefits, claims and litigation and more. Because the financial power of attorney is durable, the authority continues even if you become unable to decide about money matters for yourself. The power of attorney only ends if you terminate it, upon death or if the agent is also your spouse, upon the legal end of the marriage.

If you choose, you can even receive email notification when a Keeper, a trusted individual with whom you’ve shared your ezEstatePlanner forms, accesses your Nebraska Financial Durable Power of Attorney or any of your shared documents. Signed copies of all of those forms can be uploaded to your ezEstatePlanner Vault, which makes managing them simple and safe.

The State of Nebraska Judicial Branch offers additional information regarding legal matters in the state. Visit

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