Virginia Durable Power of Attorney (Financial)

Last Updated: 6/4/2015

Document Description

In 2012, Maggie Margaret Montague James passed away. She was 112 years of age and Virginia’s oldest resident. Some perhaps would like to have a life as long as Margaret’s, but the likelihood of a life of that length is rare. This is why having a good, strong plan ready to go for the “just-in-case" makes sense and protects your loved ones.

A step in fiscal and estate planning is putting a power of attorney in place. If ever something ill-fated happens, your ezEstatePlanner state-specific Virginia Durable Financial Power of Attorney can lead the way. It enables an individual in whom you trust to handle things for you when you cannot. It does not actually provide all of the power to that individual; it describes what you want and do not want so that your chosen representative can handle it on your behalf. It is created by you, for you, with a little help from the ezEstatePlanner document builder. Once you make your choices and spell out your wishes and desires, have your POA (Power of Attorney) signed, witnessed and notarized. Then upload your fully endorsed document to your ezEstatePlanner Vault. Share it with your agent, representative or whomever you choose.

Important: Be sure to keep the original in a safe place such as a safe-deposit box in a bank. You will be able to let your stand-ins or attorney-in-fact know where the original is located by entering that information in the ezEstatePlanner Vault as well.

Don’t fall under the false perception that if you do not have anything, you do not need a power of attorney. This is simply not true. Most everyone has a bank account or a home, and many have vacation homes or real estate rental investments. Who handles these should you become rendered incapable? A comprehensive and state-specific durable power of attorney for your financial matters will help take care of this.

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