Georgia Durable Power of Attorney (Financial)

Last Updated: 9/9/2015

Document Description

Planning your estate can be a demanding task. There is a lot to consider, like who will get your belongings, and how to distribute your assets after death. One thing that tends to get overlooked, is what happens if you are not able to manage these same belongings while still alive. A financial power of attorney is a great resource to have in your estate plan. Unlike a living will or trust, this form gives power to an assigned agent of your choosing to take care of your money if you become incapacitated, disabled, or during an extended absence.

The Georgia Financial Power of Attorney is an easy form to complete. With the ezEstatePlanner Document Builder, you are able to quickly check off, which powers you would like your agent to have. These powers can include completing tax returns, collecting government benefits, paying bills, and day to day banking transactions. This editable document may be customized to fit your particular situation. You are able to assign your agent additional powers and responsibilities that are not listed.

It is important to think carefully about your assigned agent, as this person will have access and control over your finances. Make sure this person(s), is trustworthy, reliable, and honest. It is also prudent to assign a backup agent, in case your first choice is unable or unwilling to serve.

Your completed Georgia Financial Power of Attorney must be signed by 2 witnesses, one of which whom may not be directly related to you, the principal, by either blood or marriage. While not required, unless real property transactions are authorized, having your form notarized is a good idea. Once signed and executed, you may upload your power of attorney in your ezEstatePlanner Vault for safekeeping. Here you may store all of your estate planning documents in one place for your assigned Keeper to access when necessary.

Additional information can be found by contacting Georgia Division of Aging Services, 2 Peachtree St, Suite 9398 Atlanta, Georgia 30303-3142 or by calling 404-657-5258.

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