North Carolina Durable Power of Attorney (Financial)

Last Updated: 6/15/2015

Document Description

Are you new to estate planning? Do you have all of the necessary documents to protect yourself and your estate in case of emergency? In addition to having a legal will, there are a few other legal documents that also play an important role in your estate planning. To protect yourself and your money, you need to complete a financial power of attorney. This document can be effective immediately, or only once you are no longer able to manage your financial affairs by yourself.

In a financial power of attorney, you name someone who will be allowed to make financial transactions and decisions on your behalf. This person, called an agent, can do your banking, complete your income taxes or handle your investments.

To protect yourself, you choose in advance how much or how little power your agent will have. You can grant power to your agent in just a few financial areas or in many. You can also add special instructions limiting or extending the agent’s powers. If your circumstances change, you may modify or revoke your financial power of attorney. This must be done in writing and while you are still of sound mind.

Our North Carolina Financial Power of Attorney is written just for residents of North Carolina. It follows all North Carolina laws and is written with the appropriate legal terms. Once properly signed and witnessed, your financial power of attorney becomes a legal document. For safekeeping, you can upload it to your secure ezEstatePlanner Vault. Our convenient online service can be used for all of your important legal documents. The ezEstatePlanner Vault can be accessed at any time by yourself or by someone you have allowed access on your behalf.

To learn more about the importance of estate planning, please read our article “The Beginner’s Guide to Estate Planning.”

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