Arkansas Living Will (Advance Health Directive)

Last Updated: 11/23/2015

Document Description

Thinking about end-of-life situations is not always easy or comfortable to do. However, the alternative that comes without careful consideration of these issues could be frustrating, stressful, or even catastrophic for you and your family. Should you fall ill with a condition that makes it impossible for you to make your own medical decisions; your family and the medical professionals treating you will need to make the best decisions they can. But ultimately you may end up with a procedure, or an outcome, different from the one you would have chosen for yourself. Further, different family members or physicians may have varying opinions of what should be done, and will have to bear the additional weight of being responsible for your care decisions.

Our Arkansas-specific Living Will can help you address some of the most pressing questions in the event of a life-altering injury or condition. Completing our Arkansas Living Will does not require great technological know-how, legal knowledge, or a medical background. It does require you to thoughtfully consider a series of end-of-life scenarios. You simply enter your preferences regarding questions about life-sustaining procedures, hospice, home or hospital care, and other related techniques. The document requires two witnesses as well.

By creating legal documents to direct your end-of-life care, you can think about the decisions you would make in the event of a medical crisis. This kind of document only serves to assist everyone involved in your care and treatment. Your family can rest easier knowing that your wishes are being met, and they will not have to wrestle with these issues or face familial strife in making these decisions. Your medical care team can move forward with your desired wishes without delay. You will experience the dignity of making your own decisions, even if you can no longer speak for yourself. Spending the time to complete our document now can save distress and unfortunate outcomes in the future.

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