Connecticut Living Will (Advance Health Directive)

Last Updated: 11/23/2015

Document Description

Have you been considering putting your end-of-life affairs in place? This process will require you to think about how assets may be divided, the plans that must be made, and the individuals whom you must notify. When you are considering these arrangements, don’t forget to complete a living will! A living will, or advance care directive, is filled out by an adult of sound mind. It is used to indicate care preferences in serious or terminal medical situations, if the time comes when you are unable to articulate these desires for yourself.

Our Connecticut Living Will is a lawyer-created, concise legal document that takes into account all the pertinent issues that you need to consider. In order to complete the document, you will be led through a series of questions in preparation for a healthcare emergency. You will be able to make treatment choices regarding whether you would like life-sustaining procedures administered to you. You have the option to make choices for different health statuses. For example, you can make separate arrangements in the event of a terminal disease versus a persistent vegetative state. This legal document address what should be done in the case of special circumstances, such as if you have already assigned a medical power of attorney, if you are pregnant, or if you have intentions regarding organ donation. The document is also flexible in allowing you to attach further specific provisions or even limitations that are not covered elsewhere in the document.

If the time comes when decisions must be made regarding life-sustaining procedures, you can ensure that your wishes will be met by completing our Connecticut Living Will. Please note: the completed document must be witnessed by two adults who are not relatives, and who do not have any claim on your estate. Once the document is completed, feel free to add it to the ezEstatePlanner Vault.

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