Delaware Living Will (Advance Health Directive)

Last Updated: 11/23/2015

Document Description

In the event of a serious medical event in your life, you will ideally be asked to consider several different treatments. If your condition has become terminal, questions may arise over the manner of treatment you would like: whether you would like life-sustaining procedures, your opinion about tube feeding or resuscitation, and where you would prefer to receive treatment. While you may have strong opinions about these issues, if you have not relayed them to anyone, your treatment will be left in the hands of someone else if you have become incapable of conveying your preferences. To be responsible for your own end-of-life healthcare decisions, you should complete a living will (this is also known as an advance healthcare directive).

Our Delaware Living Will is a unique legal document, because it asks you to provide answers for the most pertinent medical considerations, while allowing you to personalize the document for additional arrangements, you may have made. If you have previously considered donation of your organs, you may use this document to record your intentions. Additionally, this advance care directive is a useful tool whether or not you have designated a medical power of attorney. If a medical power of attorney has been assigned, the agent, is advised to use this document as a set of instructions in executing your healthcare wishes. If you have not already assigned a medical power of attorney, you can feel confident that any individual at any stage of your care will know your own specific wishes (and don’t forget our Medical Power of Attorney document, which can be found and completed on our site).

When it comes to end-of-life decisions, you don’t want to leave your choices up to others, and you want to ensure the document you create to protect those decisions is backed by legally-sound, state-specific verbiage. Our Delaware Living Will is a convenient, easy-to-complete document that will give you and your family that peace of mind.

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