Georgia Living Will (Advance Health Directive)

Last Updated: 11/23/2015

Document Description

End-of-life choices are often very personal, and require a lot of careful consideration and a thoughtful weighing of your options. For example, what sorts of treatments would you like, or prefer not to, have? What about interventions that may extend your life, but will not cure you? Now, as you think about these critical issues, imagine facing them while you are incapacitated, and unable to speak your mind or convey your preferences. It means that your end-of-life care may not go according to your wishes.

For those of us don’t want to leave these choices – or the burden of these choices - up to others, an advance directive for healthcare is the answer. The advance directive, also known as a living will, spells out several specific healthcare scenarios, and indicates your personal preferences.

Our Georgia Advance Directive for Health Care is available for any adult of sound mind to complete. It is easy to understand, quick to complete, and written in plain language that will clearly convey your wishes. You can fill it out by answering the questions in the document, which are written in straightforward language that is simple to understand. You can rest assured that you will understand exactly what your options are, and which of these you are selecting. For example, you will be able to understand whether you would like life-sustaining procedures to be administered. You can give directions regarding tube feeding. There is also an area of the advance directive dealing with organ donation. If you have made further specific arrangements, you may attach additional instructions to those instructions known.

While thinking on these issues may require advance planning on your part right now, completing our Georgia Advance Directive for Healthcare can help make your last days more restful days for you and those around you. You can have peace of mind knowing that you have made all the necessary arrangements should you be incapacitated by an injury, illness, or other medical complication.

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