Mississippi Living Will (Advance Health Directive)

Last Updated: 11/23/2015

Document Description

Life is not always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes unfortunate situations arise. In these situations, you should make sure your desires are both known and met. The Mississippi Advance Health Directive does just that. Also known as a living will, this document ensures that your wishes are carried out in the manner you desire if and when you are not able to speak for yourself regarding your personal health.

An advance health directive is a great resource to communicate your decisions about your health care in the event you are no longer able to due to terminal illness or a vegetative state. This document spells out the treatment plans you do or do not want at the end of your life. A living will makes difficult decisions easier for you, your loved ones and medical professionals in times of crisis.

In your Mississippi Advance Health Directive, you can determine several different medical treatment options. These include life-sustaining treatments, nutrition options and pain medications. You are also able to state whether you would like to receive care in a hospital, hospice,or at home. There are also sections to add arrangements if you are pregnant or if you would like to donate your organs.

Your completed and signed advance health directive should be given to those who will need it when you are no longer able to speak for yourself. This includes your immediate family, close friends, loved ones and medical professionals. You should keep it in a safe place where it is easily accessible to those who will need it.

You are able to keep your Mississippi Advance Health Directive and your other estate planning documents in your ezEstatePlanner Vault. You can also use your ezEstatePlanner Vault to store cherished photos, organ donor information and more. In the event you become incapacitated or pass away, an assigned Keeper will have access to all of your important documents.

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