Montana Living Will (Declaration)

Last Updated: 11/23/2015

Document Description

An advance health directive allows you to state your preferences for your health care when you are no longer able to do so. Choosing these options ahead of time prevents the responsibility from falling on your loved ones. Having your family members make these decisions can be quite difficult, and it could potentially stir up some disagreements or bad feelings among them. Your brother or sister, aunt or cousins might make different decisions about your end-of-life care than you would, so it is important to create this form ahead of time.

The Montana Advance Health Directive, also known as a living will or a declaration, includes options regarding the medical care you will receive on your last days. If you are at the end of your life, do you want medically-induced, life-sustaining treatments that are expected to prolong your life? This is one of the many choices to be faced if you are ever in a vegetative state that is persistant or have a terminal condition. You will also be able to indicate your preferences about feeding tubes and any additional medical requests.

It is critical to create this form ahead of time while you are well and in a sound state of mind. Creating the Montana Advance Health Directive in advance can help with the pandemonium that occurs during a passing. It is also important to know that the state of Montana requires signatures from two witnesses for a declaration.

After signing your Montana Advance Health Directive, you can upload it right back into your ezEstatePlanner Vault. There, you can store all of your important files such as your will, power of attorney forms or your living trust. Please note that a living will is not the same as a living trust. To learn more, read the ezEstatePlanner article “How Is a Living Will Different from a Living Trust?” .

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