Will (Last Will and Testament)

Last Updated: 10/13/2015

Document Description

Who needs a legal last will document? Well, everyone. No matter how small or large your net worth, if you die intestate, you will be leaving a terrible legal mess for your family.

Beyond protecting your family from a legal nightmare, a last will and testament is critical for countless other reasons. If you have minor children, who will care for them? Who will care for your pets? Will the caregivers have enough funding to properly care for them?

If you’re married or have a domestic partner, will they be protected financially? Are you certain that creditors won’t be able to take the house away from them?

And then come all of your belongings. Real estate, vehicles, stocks, bonds, jewelry, family heirlooms, baseball card collections, that favorite piece of furniture… everyone has a special someone in mind for each of their favorite possessions.

Our last will document is state-specific, customizing itself for your state’s laws. But we go beyond just placing legal clauses for you: our State Assist information guides you at every step of the way, offering tips about your state’s laws as you need them. Our will wizard is fast and simple to use, but comprehensive and extremely flexible at the same time. This combination of state law tips, ease of use and flexibility makes us unique in the world of online legal services.

The best part? You can store your executed will and other documents in your own secure digital Estate Vault, and share emergency access to specific documents with loved ones. Because after all, it’s not enough that you know where your will is; your family needs to be able to access it when you are no longer here to find it for them.

Want to help your family minimize or avoid probate? Simple: use our combination living trust and pour-over will instead. Read more about the differences between a will and a living trust here.

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