South Carolina Living Will (Declaration)

Last Updated: 11/23/2015

Document Description

“Baby boomer” is a term that has been thrown about quite often, especially in the last five to six years. The fact is that these so-called baby boomers make up a good bit of the population. Statistics are showing that the average age of a person’s lifetime is moving up. With the increase in this segment of the population, the need for planning is more important than ever, yet so many leave things to chance.

Most of us do not want to think about the “what could" or the “what if" and instead glide through life without a plan in place. The ezEstatePlanner South Carolina Declaration offers a way to plan when it comes to health care. We all want to believe we are invincible and may push away the thoughts of something dreadful happening. Not only is that a bad idea, it also can put our loved ones in a confused state and add anxiety to an already stressful situation.

In real estate, the phrase “location, location, location” is often heard. This is because it is so important to remember when purchasing a land. With regard to estates, however, the phrase should be “advanced planning.” (Although we won’t repeat it three times!)

The South Carolina Declaration provides instruction for those you love and allows them to make wise and informed decisions just in case you are unable to. Would you want life-sustaining procedures if you have a terminal condition? What about if you are in a vegetative state? Do you want to be cared for at home, remain in the hospital or receive hospice care? These are the many questions that are answered and spelled out in this document so that your family members are spared having to make last-minute rash decisions.

Once you have customized this fully editable document so that it reflects your wishes, you will need to have it signed and witnessed. You can then place it in your ezEstatePlanner Vault so that your chosen Keepers will have access to it when needed.

  • SC Assist:

    IMPORTANT SIGNATURE INFORMATION: In South Carolina, the Health Care Directive requires two witnesses, however, one of those witnesses many be a notary.

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