South Dakota Living Will (Declaration)

Last Updated: 11/23/2015

Document Description

Often with age comes anxiety. Worries of whom shall handle my estate? Will I need a nursing facility? Do I want life-sustaining measures taken in all circumstances, or just some or none at all? Planning properly can alleviate worry and anxiety for yourself and your loved ones. Establishing a good living will, which is also called a health care (advanced) directive can certainly assist in eliminating some of these concerns.

The ez estate Planner’s South Dakota’s Living Will Declaration is a state-specific advance directive that supplies essential information regarding your well being provided you will be unable to make sound decisions for yourself. This document offers your loved ones information on your various wishes such as whether or whether not you want life-sustaining measures taken and specifically which ones. It covers items such as feeding tubes and whether home care or hospital care would be your choice. It is a fully editable document and with state assist, you will be able to understand what, if any limitations there may be surrounding this kind of planning.

It does not stop there. Ez Estate Planner makes available to you your own private vault, secured and sealed and only shared with those you choose. No more scrambling around for paperwork should you become unable to speak for yourself. Your loved ones will have your plan specifically spelled out for them. Your wishes, your wants carried through because you planned. This is such a gift not only to you but also those you care about.

In South Dakota, you must be of sound mind and over the age of eighteen in order to complete advanced health directives, organ donation forms and the like. It is not necessary or required to have your document notarized, but this added assurance certainly cannot hurt. There you have it, one less thing to worry about. After all, eliminating worry and stress is essential for living a good life.

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