Texas Living Will (Directive to Physicians and Family or Surrogates)

Last Updated: 11/23/2015

Document Description

While families often hope for good health, unfortunately that does not always happen. The one situation that should never involve a guessing game is the treatment of a terminal illness or other serious medical condition. An advance health directive addresses this by allowing you to specify your wishes for medical treatment in the event your condition leaves you unable to communicate directly.

A living will, as it is also called, specifies exactly what your wishes are and gives your family a concrete plan for going forward with your medical treatment. This gives you the power to ensure that your family will be aware of your wishes in a legally binding document and will not have to carry the burden of making these crucial decisions regarding your health on their own.

The document thoroughly details the aspects of medical treatment in the event that terminal illness or a persistent vegetative state prevents communication. Our Texas Advance Health Directive specifies the extent of life-sustaining procedures you want utilized and whether you authorize the use of a feeding tube. It also covers the various details in terms of where you want to receive care – in the hospital, at home or in hospice care.

For your convenience, the ezEstatePlanner Vault is available for you to upload your signed Texas Advance Health Directive, along with your will or living trust and any other estate and health planning documentation. The ezEstatePlanner Vault was created to give you easy access to your documents in a secure location. You and the loved ones you select can access the ezEstatePlanner Vault in the case of an emergency.

Note: An advance health directive (also called a living will) is distinguishable from health care power of attorney or a living trust. For more information, please review those documents, or read our article What’s the Difference Between an Advance Health Directive and a Health Care Power of Attorney?

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