West Virginia Living Will (Advance Health Directive)

Last Updated: 11/23/2015

Document Description

In West Virginia, there is a set of laws that governs the making of health care decisions known as the West Virginia Health Care Decisions Act. These laws manage the way medical documentation is handled. But no matter what state you reside in, having a good directive describing your wishes in a written form makes good sense.

The ezEstatePlanner West Virginia Living Will is a state-specific form for handling such matters. Whether or not you desire life-sustaining procedures, making sure that your choices are conveyed when you are not able to do so will take some advanced preparation. Creating this important document takes a few moments but can save your loved one's hours, days or weeks trying to make those hard and difficult decisions themselves.

At a time when those who love you have weakened voices; this form speaks loudly and clearly on your behalf and theirs. Taking the time to create and have a living will is like giving those you care about a gift of peace.

The West Virginia Living Will is completely editable. After you click on the “create” button, you will see a page before you with a text box. You can change, add or delete the text as needed.

After you make your selections, the document may be executed according to West Virginia’s rules and regulations. You can then take an extra step and upload it to your own personal vault. The ezEstatePlanner Vault is one of the many features you get for free when using ezEstatePlanner’s website. Simply upload your document, choose a trusted person to be your Keeper, enter his or her information and the document will be shared. Take a few minutes now and live in peace knowing that everything is taken care of.

  • WV Assist:

    West Virginia possesses laws pertaining to preparedness for health care are located in the CHAPTER 16. PUBLIC HEALTH. ARTICLE 30. WEST VIRGINIA HEALTH CARE DECISIONS ACT.

    Basic Rules for the Execution of the Medical Power of Attorney in West Virginia
    Any competent adult may execute a West Virginia Living Will, however, It must be
    (1) In writing;
    (2) executed by the principal or by another person in the principal's presence at the principal's express direction if the principal is physically unable to do so;
    (3) dated;
    (4) signed in the presence of two or more witnesses at least eighteen years of age; and
    (5) signed and attested before a notary public as provided in subsection (d) of this section.

    NOTE: a witness may not be:
    (1) The person who signed the Living Will
    (2) Related to the principal by blood or marriage;
    (3) Entitled to any portion of the estate of the principal under any will of the principal or codicil
    (4) Directly financially responsible for principal's medical care;
    (5) The attending physician; or
    (6) The principal's medical power of attorney representative or successor medical power of attorney representative, if applicable.

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