Wisconsin Living Will ( Declaration to Physicians)

Last Updated: 11/23/2015

Document Description

Sometimes, in this unpredictable life, the unexpected can and does happen. If you are incapacitated by an injury or illness, you can still ensure that your preferred treatment plan is followed. In Wisconsin, a declaration to physicians can be used to make your end-of-life preferences known to your physician and any medical professional who may be treating you. This type of document is also known as a living will or an advance healthcare directive. If you have been thinking about setting up this type of document for yourself, consider some of the features of our Wisconsin Declaration to Physicians.

Our Wisconsin Declaration to Physicians can be created easily by completing a series of simple questions. The document is worded so that a layman can understand the questions, and any family member, power of attorney or medical professional who must adhere to this directive will be clear about your intentions. The document is flexible, allowing you to insert your own custom language if you desire. You can attach additional instructions, where applicable.

You can rest assured that this legally-reviewed document adheres to Wisconsin state law, and will inform you of specific legal provisions that apply to your document. For example, according to Wisconsin law, this document requires two witnesses to sign, or a notary. This is noted on the document, so that you can be in compliance with the state’s legal requirements. An advance care directive makes up just one piece of the estate documents that you can complete through our site.

Your end-of-life documents are truly a matter of life and death. You don’t want to trust the important considerations in these circumstances to chance. You can relieve the burden on family members and physicians who may be responsible for making your care decisions – should you be unable to make them for yourself – by completing an advance care directive such as our Wisconsin Declaration to Physicians.

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