Wyoming Living Will (Advance Health Directive)

Last Updated: 11/23/2015

Document Description

Families make planning a priority in numerous aspects of their lives, but often do not have the same level of care when it comes to making known their wishes for the future of their health. An advance health directive allows you to ensure this is taken care of.

An advance health directive, also known as a living will, details your wishes for treatment in the event you are unable to communicate with your loved ones. This legally binding document guarantees that your wishes are known and that you will be taken care of the the way you specify.

The Wyoming Advance Health Directive thoroughly details various aspects of treatment in the event that your condition leaves you unable to make these vital decisions about your health. It states your wishes in regards to the use of a feeding tube and other life-sustaining procedures. It also details the setting for your care, allowing you to specify where you want to be cared for - whether in your home, in the hospital, or in hospice care. This gives your loved ones the peace of mind of knowing your wishes regarding your future health and where you will be most comfortable, allowing them to make arrangements based on what you want.

For your convenience, the ezEstatePLanner Vault is available to keep all of your estate planning documents in a secure location. Once signed, you can upload your Wyoming Advance Health Directive, along with your living trust, will, and any other estate planning documentation, to the ezEstatePlanner Vault. This provides you and the loved ones you select easy access to the documents in case of an emergency.

Note: An advance health directive (or a living will) is distinct from a health care power of attorney or a living trust. For more information, please review these documents separately, or read our article What’s the Difference Between an Advance Health Directive and a Health Care Power of Attorney?

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