New Mexico Living Will (Advance Health Directive)

Last Updated: 11/23/2015

Document Description

When planning for your future, don’t forget to prepare for your future health care needs. It’s a difficult topic to think about, though an important one for your peace of mind.

There are different legal documents related to health care. One that is strongly recommended is a living will, or also known as an advance health directive. A living will lets you outline all of your health care wishes for a time when you may face a serious medical situation. If you can’t speak for yourself, your living will relays your wishes to those taking care of you.

In your living will, you can list the treatments you don’t want to receive should you be in a critical health condition. For example, you can specify that you do not want artificial resuscitation, feeding tubes or other procedures that will extend your life, but not cure your condition. Your living will can also list the treatments you do wish to receive, such as the type of care (hospital, hospice or home).

In New Mexico, a living will is legally binding and enforceable. Our form follows all New Mexico laws and includes all necessary wording, ensuring your living will is legal and valid.

Once you have filled in, signed and dated your document, you can safely store it in your online ezEstatePlanner Vault. You can access your ezEstatePlanner Vault at any time, as well as allow access to a designated person. This allows the person acting on your behalf to easily find and print your living will in an emergency. Your ezEstatePlananer Vault can also be used to store other important planning and health forms, such as your will and any power of attorney documents.

Note: A living will should not be mistaken for a living trust or health care power of attorney. For more information on the difference between the two, please see What's the Difference Between a Living Will and a Living Trust?

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