Digital Files & Records Power of Attorney

Last Updated: 8/7/2015

Document Description

Note: A power of attorney form outlines your wishes for while you're still alive. To state your wishes for electronic records and digital files after you die, use our Electronic Records Will Memorandum.

In an increasingly digital age, many of us now keep extensive stored digital information, records, photos, communications, videos, accounts, assets and other electronic files. Between smartphones, tablets, laptops, servers and desktop "command centers", all storing gigabytes or terabytes of data and files, who will look after your best interests with them?

This Electronic Records and Digital Assets Power of Attorney document allows you to name an agent to take control of your digital assets if something happens to you. Need someone to delete embarrassing files? Or someone to make sure your social media accounts don't fall into the wrong hands? This document lets you specific a person for these and other tasks.

The list of reasons you need someone to look after your electronic records and digital files is endless. Maybe you want your saved photos shared among family, or those family videos passed on to your children. Perhaps you have sensitive and valuable business records on file on your computer, that your business partner needs. Or maybe your collection of digital music is so impressive that it simply shouldn't go to waste.

The document is flexible and allows you to write in your own special requests or instructions, and grant very specific or limited powers. Entrust these responsibilities only to someone you trust with your most sensitive information; after all, who doesn't have something embarrassing stored somewhere in their electronic devices and their records of your activity?

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