Executor/Trustee Checklist

Last Updated: 6/8/2015

Document Description

The emotions that surround the death of a loved one are very complicated. There is so much to do, which makes matters worse. The executor or representative of an estate has much to bear. Keeping organized is one way to make sure that you do not collapse under the heavy burden, especially when feelings are extremely volatile.

The ezEstatePlanner Executor’s Checklist is a great tool to keep track of the many tasks that need to be taken care of. When you finish a task, placing an “X” in the complete column can bring a sigh of relief in otherwise tense circumstances. From coordinating with the funeral home to organizing your chosen religious ceremony, this form has it covered. It is also a handy reminder of responsibilities you may have forgotten that need to be accomplished. It is surprising how stress can negatively affect memory, so any resourceful option such as an executor’s checklist can reduce that impact.

In a world where focusing is difficult enough, sometimes the simplicity of a “to-do” list can make the tough a bit easier to bear. Seeing the things that need to be done in a tangible way reduces what would be ordinarily overwhelming to something that can be accomplished.

The ezEstatePlanner Executor’s Checklist can be tailored to fit your precise needs. Add what you want and delete what does not apply. You have full control over this form.

TIP 1: Open a manila folder and tape the checklist to it - any paperwork that is associated can be placed inside. Now you have all of your important and needed items in one place. Keep death certificates, appointment letters, receipts and more in this handy folder.

TIP 2: Make this process easier for your loved ones by actually modifying the checklist to include the tasks you believe they will need to complete. Then place it in your personal ezEstatePlanner Vault where your chosen Keeper will have easy access.

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