Maryland Quitclaim Deed

Last Updated: 8/6/2015

Document Description

A quitclaim deed is a form used to easily transfer ownership in a property to another party. The grantor is the person who is quitting the claim on the property in question and giving it to another party. The grantee is the party who is receiving the property from the grantor. This form is typically used when both parties have some sort of existing relationship. It may be used to transfer ownership between relatives as an inheritance or gift. A quitclaim can also be used when transferring a property into a trust or business entity, or in cases of divorce to convey remaining interest in a marital home quickly and inexpensively.

It is important to understand that a quitclaim deed comes with no warranties or guarantees. This means the grantee may not actually receive any interest in the property if the title is not free and clear or if the grantor, knowingly or unknowingly, no longer owns any interest in the property. Also remember that this deed only impacts the ownership of the property and not the mortgage.

Creating your Maryland Quitclaim Deed is a simple process with ezLandlordForms’ document builder. First, you will need to gather the full legal description of the property, which can be found using the original deed or title or by contacting the local recorder’s or assessor’s office. You may also want to notate the marital status of both parties. There is also a section in the document builder to add any instructions or additional information.

Maryland requires the State of Maryland Land Instrument Intake Sheets to be attached to your completed deed. The intake form must be included with the completed quitclaim deed and completed by the grantor, grantee or an attorney. It must also be notarized.

Once completed, notarized and recorded, you may upload your Maryland Quitclaim Deed to your ezEstatePlanner Vault. Here you are able to upload and safely store all of your estate planning documents, as well as cherished photos. Your documents will stay secure with access given to your assigned Keeper when necessary.

  • MD Assist:
    In Maryland, a State of Maryland Land Instrument Intake Sheet must ble completed and attached to the Quitclaim Deed.

    Section 3-104 (f) of Real Estate Article, Maryland Annotated Code, requires that all deeds, mortgages, or deeds of trust must bear:
    the certification of an attorney at law (the attorney-at-law must be a member of the Maryland Bar);
    that the instrument has been prepared by an attorney or under an attorney's supervision;
    a certificate that the instrument was prepared by one of the parties named in the instrument.

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