Organ Donor Statement

Last Updated: 9/29/2015

Document Description

Important: Attorneys recommend recording any wishes to donate organs in all of the following ways:
  • Sign up as an organ donor in your state's registry
  • Sign an Organ Donor Statement (such as this one)
  • Include in your last will and living will/advance health directive that you want your organs donated
  • Speak with your family, physician and faith leader about your wishes
  • Select that you are an organ donor when renewing your driver's license.

Adamant that your organs go to those in need after you pass on? Or that your body remain whole for burial? Use this Organ Donor Statement to make your wishes crystal clear to your loved ones and executor.

Regardless of your wishes, it's important to put them in writing for your loved ones, so that they aren't left second guessing what you would want. It also means one less decision they'll have to make, at a time when they are grieving and not interested in making more decisions like this.

This Statement can be used as either a standalone document or as an addendum to your last will and testament or living trust.

After completing and signing your Organ Donor Statement, you can upload the signed copy (along with your signed last will or living trust) to your Estate Vault. There you can share emergency access with your loved ones if you wish, so they can view it when the time comes.

Tip: Your Organ Donor Statement should match your driver's license approval/disapproval for donating organs. It will cause confusion for your executor and loved ones if your driver's license states one wish, and your last will or this Statement says another. If you change your mind, please update your Organ Donor Agreement, last will and driver's license to all align.

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