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Assets & Inheritance (Will & Trust Documents)

Whether you’re rich or poor, we all have loved ones we want to take care of and belongings that are dear to our hearts. This may mean making sure that your spouse is left with a way to pay the bills, or bequeathing the car that’s “your baby” to your son, or passing the heirloom necklace passed down from your grandmother on to your own granddaughter.

Beyond the obvious however, we all need a will or living trust for a critically important reason: if you pass away “intestate” (without a will or living trust), your loved ones are left with tangled legal mess on their hands. They will be hit with a double hardship, grieving your loss and having to go through a long, often caustic legal court battle over settling your estate. The end result is lawyers are hired, families feud and a judge decides where every last lamp in your house will go.

Save your family this hardship and create a last will document with our will wizard. Better yet, help your family avoid probate court altogether, by using a living trust and pour-over will – your family will thank you, even if you aren’t there to hear them.

While living trust and last will documents are used to tell people where your assets should go when you die, there are other documents needed to tell people your wishes while you’re still alive, if you become incapacitated. Specifically, a living will (AKA advance health directive) outlines your medical wishes, and power of attorney documents name a specific person to make decisions on your behalf (there are separate documents for medical and financial decisions).

All estate planning documents should be state-specific, and must be witnessed and/or notarized.

Use our Estate Vault to store your signed documents securely, and to share emergency access to them with your loved ones and/or doctor and trustee/executor.

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